TR knows that Housing is critical to Reentry. Having a safe, healthy, stable living environment allows participants to function efficiently in restoring their lives through supported independent living.

Torchbearer Supports the overall spectrum of reintegration care that offers a safe and nurturing environment and equips the participants with the latest technology resources needed to handle day to day business.

We also help to instill accountability, responsibility, and acceptability while encouraging one another through peer-to- peer support. Each participant will strengthen their life skills (while living at Pathway) by sharing household duties to assure self-directed leadership, support, and unity amongst peers.


Link Connection involves our Recovery Coach Team who identifies and addresses specific needs of the individuals reentering the community. Each coach assists in providing risks and needs assessments to participants. They step in to assist in planning and managing reintegration needs such as: housing, employment, health care, mental health and/or substance abuse treatment which can be difficult to address.


First Step is a Christ-centered recovery ministry designed to help those struggling with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. We provide a safe place for individuals to attend who are overcoming addictions, reentry burdens, PTSD, TBI, life challenges, and much more.

First Step believes that education is a key point in crisis prevention. We communicates the message of hope through recovery in Jesus Christ. By sharing our experiences, strength, and hope with one another through the working Word of God, the services we offer help participants gain successful victory over life-controlling problems.


The process for procuring such documents can be daunting and costly for many individuals coming out of jail or prison. The lack of identification is one of the most central barriers to success. Without official forms of identification (social security card, birth certificate, driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID), individuals cannot obtain a job, housing, health care, education, insurance, a bank account or even access many of the basic services that can help them move toward self-sufficiency.
TR assists released individuals in overcoming these obstacles. We provide ID assistance in completing forms and providing funding for state-issued IDs to help individuals achieve stability and to end a cycle of reduced recidivism (criminal reoffending). Reduced recidivism results in an increase in public safety, decrease in jail overcrowding, and lowered taxpayer burdens.


Department of Justice (DOJ), reveals that the first hours can be among the most vulnerable moments for the thousands of returning citizens released from jails/prisons. Many individuals released have a very difficult time adjusting outside the walls of prison after serving their sentences. The process of leaving jail/prison can be very stressful and intimidating, especially for individuals that have served lengthy sentences or can no longer return home.
Buddy Pass helps to ease the transition of returning individuals by providing transportation from prison to home. Ex-inmates will be greeted at the gate the moment they walk free. During the ride, mentors ease the edge of anxiety of transition from prison to community. Individual are gradually brought up-to-date and will have answered the questions many of them have upon being released. Participants are then provided tools and resources to help navigate themselves back into the community.


T-Vets provides residence for homeless or at-risk veterans that seeking residential housing , case management services, life skills training & supportive individual and group counseling.

T-Vets offers Veterans a chance to reestablish a healthy, independent lifestyle through opportunities to obtain medical and behavioral health treatment, secure stable employment or source of income, develop a savings plan that lead to stable residence.